A minute bottle is a piece of space surrounded by glass, it usually have a tube shape.

That tiny portion of space and its contents is the subject of my installation. Once again Fetish comes out...or better bottle up this time. but how?

The features of this work are: collection, a series of tiny bottles; the contents ( text, sculptures, erotic drawings, used hold-ups, used shoes's laces, cat's fur, human hair); the location, their position on the windows; the colour of the bottles, and in the end the way they are displayed, by hanging.

As part of a Fetish work, collection and repetition are synonymous of mania.

There is a dialogue between the artist and the viewers. A private dialogue, that starts saying: "From Here on Tiptoe", that underlines the beginning of a private space, transgressive, erotic, a different dimension, a space that is contained by the bottles, and immerse in red light atmosphere. (erotic reference) The red bottles symbolize minuscule red light "rooms". The direction is from left to right, as in western reading and writing. The series ends with the words: "Bye Bye", "Close the door". So what happened before, the fanciful dialogue is ended here, with the imaginary act of closing the door. 

The aim of this work, dense of sexual hint, is to evoke in the viewer who is reading, that the artist, or this whispering naughty voice is talking and teasing him/her. Whoever is reading, become the interlocutor, and the intention is that reading the text and looking at the objects and the drawings, the audience will think about something about their private life, or will make connections between the text and figurative parts of the work.

They are hanging and this suggest something floating, like a thought, may be irreverent but lightweight, but at the same time repetitive, like an obsession.

The windows are a structural element that divide the private space from the public space. The bottles are at the edge. You can look through the window, but also if there are no curtains, you can be seen. Voyeur and exhibitionist, both connected with the act of gaze at something, but in more perverse way. (typically because what is involved arouses excitement).

The contents, as mentioned above, is a mix of different medium and materials. This is a space where you are walking "on tiptoe", "no shoes allowed here", one more erotic reference. The small-scale sculpture are iconic feet in the position of high heels. There are no physical heels this time, but as Freud would say, they are a substitute , they would symbolize penis, and we have got it between the contents.