Following my research on the objects that can become Fetish, this is a session, an assemblage of readymade,sculptures-artifacts,everyday-life things, with the aim to combine the different definitions and cultural perspectives of Fetishism ( magical, capitalistic,erotic).

All in an surreal-kinky-naughty atmosphere.

Are fetishism and collection entwined?


My answer is Yes.


If we consider this bond, an other aspect that clearly emerges from this is the relationship with the human body.

There is a continuous reference to the flesh, to parts of the body, to a very visceral side.


Our body is the vehicle through which we experiment emotions, feeling, passions, fears and desires.

Our flesh is alive and vibrating. Therefore, all objects and accessories that are made to protect, embellish our body, own an intimate dimension, something that we immediately recognise when we see them. Those can evoke embarrassment, fantasies, laugh (that is a symptom that something is touching us).


What if we collect them? What if we put them together?


Everyone has different experience, and a different connections and reactions to those “intimate things”.

I think in any case, that that visceral part belong to everyone, because it is our “primitive” instinctual nature.

That element is part of my artistic research, always keeping in mind, that there is something anomalous, because we live in a urban environment that is one the main reason of all our neurosis.