MoBA 2013 FASHION Biennale in Arnhem - Netherlands

The main exhibit covers 13 different types of fetishes using work by 300 designers from around the world

" We're all born with kinds of fetishes and have a need for belonging and bondage from birth. It's not just about fashion design, it's about a movement that's happening in society."

" We tried to explore the extent of where fetishism can take us, changing from the sexual side to the shamanistic side "

Li Edelkoort curator - Philip Fimmano co-curator

We are all born in bondage with a cord around our baby body. An umbilical cord that is the lifeline of gestation and bonds us to our mother in the most direct and intimate way, connected as we will never be again after birth.


We are all fed by our mother's nipple or a bottle's teat, and are therefore aware of the early relationship between suckling and surving and between suckling and satisfaction. These are very intimate erotic moments are recalled throughout life and define future desires for flavour and touch.


Most babies are given a safety blanket that is meant to be a partner and protector, a cuddle to be cherished. The first encounter with fibre and weave is responsible for many of our future encounters with fabric.


All these experiences are imprinted in the subconscious and will determine taste and attraction, designing decisions concerning colour, food, objects and fetishes.


Collecting has become a favourite pastime with more and more people accumulating shoes. Bags, boxes and bottles, or natural treasures like shells and even skulls. What these objects have in common is that they are cultural curiosities that can contain and hold; our sex, our soul, our spirit.ù


Objects of devotions that allow us to experience an erotic relationship with our choices. The fetish can be contained or be containing, whether it be a shell or a corset , a skull or a harness, a safety belt or a safety blanket. Each time receiving or restricting, the object has the power to condense desire and to absord fear, to concentrate dreams and to captivate fantasies.

Everyday fetishes
Everyday fetishes