I have learned a lot and also enjoyed to work in the team MFA. We had to prepare and curate each part of the preparation of the final MFA degree show.

I was in the curating team. This allowed us to organize and planning the meeting, collecting and analysing the MFA projects of all the artist participating to the show, and reflect about the best way to displays each works, in a smart and aesthetic way.

What I have learned, is that the first phase gives you roughly an idea of the dimensions, the type of works, and the space in which allocate them.

Under the supervision and the experience of our Course Leader, Edwina Fitzpatrick, we could came across the techniques and tricks to curate a huge space with more than 30 artworks to install.

We also prepared the different spaces, from main MFA studio to the lecture theatre, to be ready clean and refresh for the degree show.

Scratching and painting the wall, re-painting the floor...I had fun, and I get closer to all the students. We worked together, and I really felt part of a team, and I am proud of it.

I have got more experience, and next time I will curate an exhibition, I will make use of this rich adventure.