My research rotates around one “word”, so fascinating and powerful (to me): Fetish. Fetish has several meaning, and definitions. From psycological (Freud - sexual fetishism), to economical ( Marx - the fetishism of goods) to religious (African fetish statues).

But a part from this, What really a Fetish is?

Does people know this word? It is usually gathered to some kynky scenarios,and yes sex can be part of it, but can we go over the clichè?


Fetishes are objects, isolated, that become so powerful for the meaning we relate to them. It's a part, a detail, that become much more important than the whole, why?

Fetish synonyms are fixation, sexual fixation, obsession, compulsion, mania, weakness, fancy, taste, craze, fad, fascination, idee fixe, talisman, charm, amulet, totem, icon, idol, effigy, doll, statue...


Objects are empty boxes to fill up with emotions, memories, fantasies, mystical powers. They become symbols. They tell us stories. They become gates to an other reality, then they become Fetishes.

They give a sense of relief, from fears, anxiety, horror vacui.


I am also very attracted to the power of symbols, how they become so familiar to us, and so clear to send a message.

In which way Fetishes and symbols are related? Are they the two faces of same coin?


I express my self through sculptures, installations, photography and painting. Even if my favourite medium is sculpture, to shape and model matter to create something new, made of thoughts and feelings , a thing that contains a soul, a thing that become a Fetish.


I use different materials and objects, like shoes, that embody a clear symbol for Fetish.


I want to give a new meaning to this word-concept, using my way to talk about it.