[PAUSE] Peregrination


How can things be described? or talked about? or looked at? How can you discover the place you are looking for? How do you begin reconstructing it? 


R. Bober - 1992 En Remontant La Rue Vilin

Note what you see. Anything that happens worth noting. Do we know how to see what is noteworthy? Is there something that strikes us? Nothing strikes us. We don't know how to see. You have to go about it slowly, almost stupidly. Force yourself to write about the things that have no interest, the thing that are most obvious, the most ordinary, the dullest.

                                                 Species of Spaces - Perec -1974

Same places...a new perspective. We see what our brain sees. Changing the way of thinking, and be present right now, you can actually discover a new world every day, even if you did that street thousands times.