VIDEO 2013


Marloes Ten Bhomer Footwear designer

" First the approach reveals a link between rationalized parameters, aesthetic intuition and structural understanding

second , by considering the woman in motion as an engineering problem, she exposes and questions the role of high heels play the cultural construction of female identity."

Marloes Ten Bhomer

This astonishing research focus the attention on the act of walking, a woman's footsteps (footwalking) through different types of substrates.

From the structural aspect of the shoes that respond in a different way depending on the situations, to the psycological effects that the ground has on her self-awareness and her self-confidence.


So two important aspects emerge from this video.


First the shoe, it self, symbol of style, charcter and identity.

Its primal role is to protect the feet from the ground, acting a first “cultural elevation”; moreover its shape and style, acts a second “social elevation”, in particolar, high heels, increase power, as status symbols, and also raise and soar the figure up.


Second aspect, is the substrate on which shoes lay and walk.

Giving away some support for a sexy charm, and requiring more balance (physical and mental), now the pathway, will be fundamental, to the perception of external enviroment, and on self-confidence, security, and the psycological approach to it.

A flat surface with few imperfections will give a sense of authority, dominion, footwalking move foward confident, determined, as if the power of the shoes it self should guide you on your target.

Instead, a very dismal road, a forest floor, even the sweet and tender grass overturn in one second all the power and the sexy charm of a pair of high heel shoes.


Different perceptions of the enviroment, ground floor ,for istance, give us a first impact on the external conditions. Our response to it, is the outcome of the sum of various factors, including our survival instinct, that is stronger than any social or cultural behavior.

As woman, thinking about critical conditions, I wouldn't hesitate to take off my shoes and run with the wind.(with the shoes in my hands of course!!!)