My research turns around on the Fetishization of the objects, BUT WHAT I have realized, is that there is not a limit to what can become a “mania”.


Everything that evokes vivid vibrant feelings, and give a sense of pleasure, of ephemeral satisfaction can potentially become Fetish.


Colours are “ the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light”.

They are vibrations, waves, that reflect a mood, they comunicates sensations and feelings, and we choose them according to our inner emotions.


Pink is a very girlish colour, in our culture a pink bow is attached at the door when a girl will come into the world. It's a gook luck sign to tell a new life is coming and she is a girl.

It give a sense of cute pretty tenderness.

It's a soft colour. Considering that is the mix between red and white, is less aggressive than red, it is sweet. Moreover a lot of candies are pink. Marshmallows are pink, soft an sweet.

I noticed around a lot of girl love this colour, and they use it.

It says: “Hello I'm sweet”, and reveals a childish side, playful, and kinky if associated to a woman, who play the role of a baby girl.

It can become erotic, in a naughty way.


What about a Pink pair of hight heel shoes?


Less devilish than red, that has a strong a power, stricly linked with sexual meaning, but still glamour, fancy, teasing in more playful, subconscious way.




The subject of this installation are the Pink Shoes. All attention has to be drawn on them.

The background hide, a female figure, in which the hands are the most important part because they convey the intention, talking to the viewer: YOU, (pointing at the the viewer), look at them( looking them you are looking me).

The shoes become the avatar of the Pink Lady who is pointing them.

All made in this pink materic shiny, glossy atmosphere.

This want to stimulate sight and touch, in the way that all the materials used for the installation have the feature of being fetish (hands with red nail polish) shoes, pink pvc fabric, pink cellophane , that reflect the red light.

In this case, the sweetness and childish of pink colour, is invested by a red light, that together with the long red nails, transform and highlight the eroticism of the situation/installation.

Pink Lady - Installation - TEST