As mentioned before, this is the other side of the vision, outside, the vermilion raw flesh now transform in skin, something that is the surface, still naked, but white, silky. No more blood or veins exposed. Now what is shown is the nudity of something that folded up on itself, that embrace it self in a sensual way, following curves, protuberances, cavities.

This series of sculptures, follows the idea of body, to depict part of it. In particular the idea of flesh, seen as visceral and bloody before, now we are on the surface of the body, the flesh become skin, silky smooth, folded up to create convex and concave areas.

Suggesting something soft, close and open at the same time, something with no barriers, it is exposes in all its sensual shape.

In the beginning of my journey across Fetish,some elements were already the early signs of it. The red rope can be read as something that bind, red is the colour of blood but also evokes sexual meaning. It is evident the contrast between the pale white colour of vaginoids and the vibrant red of the rope. The rope like a snake bind and penetrate at the same time the sculpture, becoming just one thing.