Transformation              Status              Seduction              Creation               Obsession

This exhibition looks at the extremes of footwear from around the globe, presenting around 200 pairs of shoes ranging from a sandal decorated in pure gold leaf originating from ancient Egypt to the most elaborate designs by contemporary makers.

Shoes are a pedestal first of all. They characterize (distinguish) the figure, before becoming an embellishment accessory.

They transmit a message, they can be an icon of beauty, power, elegance, wealth and prosperity

Shoes are an accessory that deeply reflect the wearer's personality.

Shoes are a status symbol. For a woman some shoes especially , express and highlight her sensuality. They became the frame of the object of desire and often the object of desire them selves.

They can be symbol of power and supremacy. Hight heels emphasize the sinuosity of foot, they lend it height, and at the same time they force it in a precarious equilibrium, because they obligate it to stand on the tip, showing grace femininity between power and vulnerability.

A  classic decollete can symbolise a businesswoman, a powerful woman. Power and constraint at the same time; her self-confidence is reinforced by using this Fetish object (that embody sensuality, power and self-confidence). What she is living is also a very physical feeling, of constraint. It's a challenge in which she has to use her self-control , her balance,

This talisman has a price, is painful.

In this way, the pleasure of supremacy, sexiness, mental erotic power are entwined with pain, constraint and self-control.

Dukas Doll Heel Shoes collection 2013-14

Shoes are commodities and collectibles. The luxurious and impractical shoes that clearly signal privilege and status have long been objects of desire. Today, a pair of shoes by Jimmy Choo or Prada is a more coveted possession than any other item of clothing. Spending large amounts of money on a pair of shoes is pleasurable because it is excessive. From the designer shoe lover to the trainer enthusiast, footwear obsessives do not acquire shoes for their value as assets or investments. Shoes are collected for the pleasure of possessing, because of the beauty of shoes and sometimes for the memories and associations that go with them.