One of the first works, in my MFA, it is part of a double side representation, in which the body is the subject. Body seen, as a part, a detail of it. It is described as some of its features.

This is the vision of inside. The subject is the flesh, visceral and bloody, vivid and raw, no barriers, no skin, it is showed as it is, repulsive or attractive. An early embryonic concept of Fetish.

The attention on this artwork is focus on the fleshy texture of the organ.

It pretend to be a raw depiction, of something related to the human body a part of it, full of vital blood and blue veins. It is much more gore than anatomical, it want to be a visceral portrayal of stomach, out of size, but big enough to impress and may be even disgust.

Here we are, in this fictional representation of our inside, our flesh to be admir with all its vividness and violence. Repulsion and/or attraction , you choose.