A taste of future, what happens next the college?

How to survive as an artist out there? how to build an artistic path, or may be more, an artistic career? How to practice and how to reach goals, aims and targets in the fierce jungle of world of Art?

Who: Artists Alastair Gordon and Rosalind Davis

Where: Space  Studio 121-139 Mare Street , E83RH

What: An art parlour to discuss making and maintaining opportunities after art school and London's different art ecologies

Studio tours.

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Hugh Mendes studio talking
Space Studios Street Art
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Surviving as a professional Artist will involve acquiring and maintaining professional skills. The world does not owe you a living nor does it arrive uninvited on your doorstep. To be effective it is important to understand your special abilities and limitation. For some, the very idea of being good at business is quite distasteful and will at best stifle creativity.

But this business thing is about being Professional as an Artist ;

it is about giving yourself a fair chance and not shooting yourself in the foot.


Diana Hudson

Remember there are No quick fix solutions

Work hard, take yourself seriously and things do happens

If nothing is happening, initiate yourself

Make the best work possible you can

Keep going (always!) and make art

Be nice :)

Be visible and take responsability

Micheal Craig-Martin

Ask yourself: WHY EXHIBIT?

Build your own Art World


Apply for everything is interesting for you

Personal reflection: If I had a Gallery what kind of artist ( and works) I would choose?